A Little Bit About Meline

I completed my textile Design and Design Management degree from Umist in 2002 with a 2:1 classification. Started experimenting shortly after with different mediums, found silk painting tremendously therapeutic.

My decision for this degree course was based on my love of fabric. Finding fine chiffons and silks has been a passion for me for over 15 years. All of my fabric purchased for silk painting has been from John Lewis or from Dubai.

My obsession with bold colours developed in my teens, mainly due to my Asian cultural heritage. All of my work demonstrates my sheer addiction to stimulating colours and distinguished style.

My main influences throughout have been Georgia O’Keefe in reference to the abstract style and Sadequain in terms of the Calligraphy.

In terms of silk painting the work of Mandy Southan has been particularly inspiring. I felt I could best relate all of these amazing masters in the field of Art.

Click below to see some of my work.

My Work